Your Complete Guide To Making DOTA 2 Predictions

The popularity of DOTA 2 in the world of esports is no longer in question. There are hundreds of thousands of players who play the game and many teams competing in numerous tournaments and championships.

These players and teams win great prizes when they are successful in these competitions, winning enormous cash rewards. DOTA 2’s premier competition, The International, holds the record of having the largest prize pool in esports gaming history. It achieved this feat in 2019 when its prize pool reached $34 million and is on course to break it.

It is only players and teams that can benefit from DOTA 2. Esports bettors who enjoy gambling on DOTA 2 can also earn great rewards when betting on their favorite teams. However, to win on their wager, they must know how to make useful predictions. This is the benefit of this article. In it, you will know more about DOTA 2 Predictions and know the things required to predict well. You will also learn about the various markets you can bet on when you play DOTA 2.

DOTA 2 Predictions

How To Predict In DOTA 2

For you to predict in DOTA 2, you need to plan ahead of time. DOTA 2 is a fun and intriguing game that captivates both the players, bettors, and even neutral viewers. As a gambler, before you begin to make predictions and place a bet on the game, there are certain things you need to do to boost your chance of success. These include:

Play DOTA 2

It is not going to make so much sense to predict a game you don’t play. DOTA 2 is free to play on Steam, and new players find it easy to play the game because of its in-game tutorials. Playing it allows you to understand the gameplay, get used to the characters and their different features, and know its basics and intricacies. That way, you can relate better with the betting markets and options.

Watch DOTA 2 Matches Live

Another strategy for making successful DOTA 2 predictions is watching live matches between different teams in the world. It is advisable to watch the best teams play because they usually make it to the biggest tournaments that bookmakers have on their website. By watching live matches, you get to know their strategies, form, and gameplay tactics. That way, it is easier to predict the outcome of their matches.

Besides watching live games, you also need to study the history of a particular tournament you want to bet on. Know the participating teams and how far they progress in such events. Doing these increases your chances of success when you make predictions ad wagers.

Bet Wisely And Start Small

When making DOTA 2 betting predictions, it is always best to start with the more straightforward wagers before progressing to the difficult ones. Don’t be excited that you know about the game and the teams playing and rush to make difficult predictions. When you make simple predictions, and they come to pass, it fills you with confidence to make riskier bets. However, if you go big and it fails, you will be demoralized, and that may be the end of your prediction and betting journey.

DOTA 2 Betting Predictions Websites

Besides using the strategies above, an easy way to make DOTA 2 bet predictions is by using some dedicated websites. These sites have a list of matches they have analyzed and predicted their outcomes based on these analyses. The persons behind the predictions are experts who have years of experience studying DOTA 2 tournaments, series, leagues, and other competitions. Hence, they know about the teams and are in a better position to make almost accurate predictions. Some of the best sites for predictions on DOTA 2 include:


DOTA 2 Bets To Predict On

After making a DOTA 2 prediction, you have to wager on those predictions on esports betting sites. There are many betting markets available to bet on these sites. These include:

Moneyline Bets

These are bets where you predict the winner between two competing teams in a match. To make these sorts of predictions and stakes, you must have a vast knowledge of the teams playing.

Handicap Bets

In this bet type, the bookmakers offer a handicap to the team most likely to win a game, meaning they have to win above a certain margin for your wager to come to fruition. For example, if you expect Team A to defeat Team B with a wide margin in a best-of-three match, you can Team B a +1 handicap. This means the match is 0-1 in favor of Team B before it even begins.

If A wins the game 3-1 after the match ends, it means the score is 3-2 on your wager, and you win. However, if the match ends 3-2 in favor of A, it is 3-3 on your stake, and you lose your bet. Handicap bets also allow you to bet on a perceived weaker team not to lose by more than a set margin.


In these types of bets, you predict the cumulated kills, assists, maps, rounds, and other statistics the bookmaker may give as options.

Outright Bets

These are bets you make before a tournament begins. You predict and wager on a particular team to win the tournament. It is best to make these bets ahead of time when the odds are higher rather than just before the competition.

dota 2 interface gameplay

Betting On DOTA 2

To make DOTA 2 bets, you need to register on a betting website. You must be in a country where esports gambling is legalized. You must also be above the legal age for betting in your country. After registering, make your first deposit and begin betting on your preferred teams and betting options. Some of the best websites to play on include:

  • Betway Esports
  • Arcane Bet
  • GG.Bet

With this guide, you can now make DOTA 2 predictions and bet wisely. Remember to play the game, watch teams live, and start with the easier bets. You can also use bet prediction sites to give yourself a better chance of success. Good luck as you predict and bet.

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