Your Guide To DOTA 2 Odds And Betting Tips

Since its release in 2013, DOTA 2 has risen to become one of the world’s most popular esports games. Today, there are many DOTA 2 tournaments, leagues, and events with a large pool of players vying to win great cash prizes. DOTA 2 is also available on esports betting sites, giving gamblers a chance to win real money or virtual items like skins when they wager on their favorite teams.

DOTA 2 betting works like other esports or sportsbook betting in that punters wager on the odds of two competing teams to win a match. Besides outright matchwinners, there are other options punters can bet on. Whatever those options are, gamblers always wager on their odds of coming to fruition.

In this article, you will find out about DOTA 2 odds and betting predictions and know how it works. You will also learn about the various markets you can wager on and the best websites to gamble.

Dota 2 odds

About The Game DOTA 2

For you to be successful in DOTA 2, you must know how it works. If you just want to bet on it, you may not need to master every detail. However, you must learn the basics. Each match in DOTA 2 consists of two teams of five players playing against each other. Each player controls a game character.

Now, there are 119 characters in DOTA 2, with each character having its unique features. These characters perform different roles during gameplay. Players must choose character types with features and functions that will balance their teams well. If a team is unbalanced, it loses easily.

The main objective for both teams is to destroy the other team’s base (Ancient). Ancients are located on either side of the game map and protected by either team. During gameplay, players battle against opposing team players and in-game characters while trying to achieve their aim. With the game’s progress, characters become stronger as they gain points and abilities. A game ends once a team’s Ancient gets destroyed. Most DOTA 2 matches adopt a best-of-three or best-of-five games format, meaning a team that wins two out of three games or three out of five games wins the match.

Betting Odds On DOTA 2

It is good to understand how DOTA 2 bets and betting odds work before playing it. Most of the esports betting sites use decimal, fractional, or American odds on their websites. These odds let you know two crucial things, which are:

  • The team that is favored to win the match
  • The amount of money you will win with each side of the wager

For a decimal odds system, a team that is likely to win will have lower odd values than a team that is likely to lose. If the odds are too close to each other, then it means the match is likely to be keenly contested. However, if the odds are too far apart, it means the bookmakers favor the team with the lower odd value.

For example, if team A has 1.43 odds to win and team B has 4.21 odds, then the bookmakers favor team A to have a comfortable victory over team B. However, if team A has 2.20 odds and team B has 2.38 odds, it means the bookmakers expect a tough match and are unsure who will come out tops.

For the first scenario, if you wager $100 on team B to win, you are going against who the bookmakers think will win the game. If team B wins, you earn $100 x 4.21, totaling $421. However, if team A wins, you lose your wager and your $100.

Types Of DOTA 2 Bets

There are several types of betting options available on DOTA 2. These include:

  • Moneyline Bets: Here, you bet on the team you expect to win the match.
  • Handicap Bets or Spread Bets: This type of bet is offered on games that use best-of-five or best-of-three formats. With this bet type, you give the stronger team a handicap by giving the weaker team +1 before the game starts. In a game of five, if the match ends 3-1 in favor of the stronger team, it means it is 3-2 in your bet, with the stronger team still winning. Hence, you win your wager. However, if the game ends 3-2 in favor of the stronger team, it is 3-3 on your stake, and you will lose the bet.
  • Totals/Under/Over Bets: Here, you wager on the total number of kills or the total number of games or maps that will be played. The over and under bets predict if the maps, kills, games, etc., will be over or under a given number.
  • Props Bet: These bets do not depend on the game’s final result but focus on individual performances or other specific game elements. The stakes in this category include odd or even score, first blood, first kill, most kills, first to kill Roshan, etc.

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DOTA 2 Odds Comparison Sites

To increase your chances of making a successful DOTA 2 bet prediction and wager, you should analyze the competing teams and know their strengths and weaknesses. After settling on your desired wager, compare the odds of the stake on several odds comparison sites and betting websites before wagering on the best one among them. Some of the best DOTA 2 betting sites include:

  • UniBet
  • Betway Esports
  • GG.Bet

Always ensure you bet wisely and don’t use the money you cannot afford to lose to bet. Avoid getting addicted. Do good research before wagering on any team. Good luck as you play.

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