Playing DOTA 2 And The Best DOTA 2 Gambling Sites

The continuous rise in the popularity of esports gambling led to an increasing number of esports games on betting sites. There are many games gamblers enjoy betting on. One such game is DOTA 2. It is fun and intriguing and available on many online gambling platforms.

In this article, you will know more about DOTA 2 betting and how to play. You will also discover the best places to play and how to find them. Read on to learn much more.

A DOTA 2 Overview

DOTA 2 is the acronym for Defense of the Ancients 2. It is an action, real-time strategy game. Valve Corporation developed and released DOTA 2 in 2013 as a standalone sequel to DOTA. It is also a modified version of another esports game, Warcraft III.

DOTA 2 is a multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) game and is arguably the most complex of the lot. It has a mouthwatering prize pool in esports gambling and a host of prestigious tournaments.

Two competing teams of five players each play DOTA 2. It starts with both teams on opposite sides of a map. Each team has a base called “The Ancient,” which they must defend. Each team player must choose a hero character from a pool of hero characters numbering up to 117.

The characters play different roles during gameplay. These roles have nine classifications, namely: Carriers, Supports, Initiators, Disablers, Nukers, Escapers, Junglers, Durables, and Pushers. A team player has to choose heroes who will balance their team. If a team is unbalanced, it will be easier for them to suffer defeat. A team chooses its hero characters based on the strategy they want to use during gameplay.

When the game begins, the heroes battle their way through opposing heroes, obstacles, and other game characters to the opposing team’s base. While the game is in progress, the hero characters become stronger and have more experience. You also win points, coins, and skins, as you play. The first team to destroy the base of the opposing team wins. DOTA 2 is always competitive, intriguing, and jaw-dropping. There is never a dull moment in this all-action strategy game.

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How To Play DOTA 2

For you to play DOTA 2, you must register with a gambling site. There are steps to this. First, you must be above the legal gambling age, which for most countries and websites is 18. If you are 18+, then you register with a gambling site that offers esports games and, importantly, DOTA 2, as one of its services.

After completing the registration process, which usually involves you filling up your details like name, email address, address, etc., you have to make a deposit. Depending on the platform you choose, there should be several deposit options available for you to make transactions with. It should also allow you to deposit with DOTA 2 skins or DOTA 2 items used for skin gambling in DOTA 2.

After making your first deposit, a good website should give you a welcome bonus or deposit bonus. The bonus enables you to wager on games without the risk of losing your real money or virtual items. When you play DOTA 2 on gambling platforms, you can play in two ways, Real money betting and playing with DOTA 2 items or skins.

DOTA 2 Real Money Betting

Though DOTA 2 is easy to learn, it is also difficult to master. Hence, skillful players are rewarded, while it also gives gamblers the chance to play and be rewarded with real money. Gamblers have different options to bet on, as you will find out soon. Smart bettors know the types of wagers to make and the teams to put their money on. If their predictions come to fruition, they walk away with great wins. DOTA 2 has one of the biggest payouts in the world of esports gambling. However, before you start betting, ensure you get a good grasp of it and the betting options available to avoid losing your funds.

DOTA 2 Skin Gambling

This form of DOTA 2 gambling in game sites allows players to bet using DOTA 2 skins or virtual items of monetary value. To partake in skin gambling in DOTA 2, players have to have a Steam account. This gives them access to the Steam community and the Steam marketplace. In the market, you can trade your DOTA 2 skins for skins of higher value. You can also buy new skins. Many gambling sites offer skin betting on their platforms. Players can make deposits and withdrawals using virtual items like DOTA 2 skins, VGO skins, and other virtual items. These items can be converted to real money or coins, with which players bet on games.

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DOTA 2 Betting Options

When you play on DOTA 2 gambling sites, there are loads of betting options available. These options include but are not limited to:

  • Map Handicap, a bet that handicaps teams based on their winning or losing margins. For you to win, your chosen team must cover their spread.
  • Totals, where you wager on the combined total point of the competing teams. You either bet over or under a given scoreline. In DOTA 2, it is listed as Total Maps played by the teams.
  • Live Betting, where you make live wagers during games.
  • Prop Bets, which is based on circumstances that are not dependent on the final outcome. Examples are correct map score, odd or even maps, map 1 most kills, map 1 first kill, map 1 duration, first team to draw blood in map 1, map 1 total kills, etc.

Choosing The Best Websites For DOTA 2 Betting

One way to enjoy your experience gambling on this fun game is to do so on a good betting site. There are just a few good betting sites that offer DOTA 2 on their platforms. To find and choose the best sites, there are some things to look out for. Good gambling platforms must meet the following requirements:

  • It must be Reputable and Trusted: Good betting platforms must be of good reputation and have good reviews in online gambling communities. If a site is good, its users will have only good things to say about it. Research a particular website you want to join and ensure that it has good reviews before you register.
  • It must give users Rewards and Bonuses: Many betting websites make efforts at keeping their users with daily bonus offers and rewards. They also give new users to their sites a welcome bonus or a deposit bonus. Players use these bonuses and rewards to wager on games without any risk of losing real money or virtual items.
  • It must have several Deposit and Withdrawal Options: A reputable betting platform should leave its users spoilt for choice when it comes to deposits and withdrawals. Several options should be available for users to choose from, including those that allow them to deposit and withdraw using skins or virtual items.
  • It must have a Wide Selection of Esports Games Available: A good gambling website must offer a wide selection of games for players to choose from. Some other esports and casino games a site should have include Coinflip, Roulette, CSGO, Hearthstone, Cards, Jackpot, etc. These games give bettors a good spread and increase their chances of winning on their wagers.
  • It must be Easy to Navigate: It is essential that players find it easy to navigate gambling sites. It will be useless if players find it challenging to go from one section to another when they are on a particular website. It leaves them frustrated, and they end up not coming back to such platforms.
  • It must be Safe and Secure: Good gambling sites should run on secure SSL encryption. This protects hackers or scammers from having access to the information users provide on their platformers. Players’ funds also remain safe from these scammers. Suitable websites must always be fair in their dealings and have provably fair systems to verify every gameplay’s authenticity and fairness.
  • It must have Excellent Customer Support: A good betting website must have a customer support team that is professional and always available to attend to any users’ issues. The customer support must be reached via several means like LiveChat, phone calls, emails, and social media. There should also be a FAQ page where answers to possible users’ questions are already provided.

DOTA 2 Skin Gambling

Best DOTA 2 Gambling Sites

Based on positive user reviews and the fact that they meet the criteria of good gambling sites, the following websites are the best options to play DOTA 2:

Betway Esports

It is one of the best websites for sports gambling and also a popular site. Betway provides its users with several gaming options across esports, sportsbooks, and casino sections. Players also enjoy deposit and welcome bonuses, and mouthwatering rewards daily. Betway covers the most important DOTA 2 tournaments in its platform and represents a great place to wager. The customer support is of the highest quality and always on hand to settle any issues users may have.


GG.Bet is another popular website. It is a platform with extensive coverage of DOTA 2 tournaments and events. There are varieties of betting options to choose from, along with high betting odds. GG.Bet has excellent customer support, a provably fair system, and is a safe and secure platform to wager on your favorite games. Whether you are a new user or an existing one, you receive generous bonuses and rewards from this platform, which always puts its users first.


When it comes to DOTA 2 and other esports games, Thunderpick is of the best online platforms you can think of. It has a great selection of esports games, generous bonuses and rewards, and excellent customer support. Besides that, Thunderpick is also a reputable gambling platform you can trust and where you are assured of your safety at all times.


DOTA 2 is a fun and intriguing esports game that is available on a selection of gambling websites. Finding a reliable platform was challenging until now. With the tips provided in this guide and the websites recommended, you should have no issues doing so.

Enjoy staking your money or valuable skins on the number of betting options available for the game. However, ensure you bet wisely and avoid losing all your money or DOT skins while betting. Good luck as you play.

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