Dota 2 Betting Sites And More: A Thrilling Experience

Informed Punter, Successful Bets

If you’re interested in betting on Dota 2, a bit of information is required. Before getting into Dota 2 betting sites, read below to get the information needed to start gambling. Oh, the bets you’ll place! The more informed you are, the better they’ll be.

The Game, Explained Easily

Dota 2 is a free-to-play MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) developed and officially published by Valve in 2013 after two years of open beta. The game is the sequel to Defense of the Ancients, an incredibly popular mod for Blizzard’s Warcraft III and a pillar in the MOBA genre development.

Despite being known for its high complexity, the basics are pretty simple.

  1. The game is played as a 5v5. Before the actual game starts, you, your teammates, and opponents pick one hero, each from a pool of currently 119 playable characters. All 119 have unique designs, strengths, and weaknesses.
  2. Now the real battle begins. You’ll spawn at your team base in a symmetrical map divided in half diagonally by a river. Both halves, your own and the enemy’s, consist of three lanes meeting at the center, each lane with a few towers placed in defense of the core objectives of the map, the two Ancients.
  3. Your team’s goal in the game is to destroy the opposing Ancient. Easier said than done? To achieve your objective, you’ll have to get some gold and experience, buy items with the first and increase your hero’s strength with the latter, fight the enemies on your path and destroy buildings until you reach your final goal.
  4. Don’t worry: it’s a fun process. The game is filled with additional objectives to make it even more entertaining. Plus, seeing how different heroes and abilities work with and against each other in a continuous battle creates that feeling of endless possibilities in a map that is, in itself, always the same.

dota 2 wallpaper

Dota 2 Competitive Scene

The game was a huge success from the beginning, leading to a large and consolidated esports scene.

It consists of several tournaments along each season, which starts around September and culminates in August with The International. Seasons are called DPC (Dota Pro Circuit) and consist of Majors, dedicated to tier 1 team, and Minors for the tier 2/3 scene.

Therefore, when it comes to Dota 2 gambling, as well CSGO betting, keep a close eye on the DPC, and monitor websites such as Liquipedia, as these are the matches you’ll be betting on. You should also check the tournament’s qualifiers to better grasp the players’ and teams’ understanding of the meta as well as their current form in relation to each other.

Furthermore, Dota has a unique spectator feature that allows players and fans to watch every match happening live. Such a tool turns out to be incredibly useful to check on pro teams playing at tournaments directly from the game itself.

The International unites all the best players in Dota for a chance to get their names engraved in history and, not less important, a bit of those more than 30 million dollars. Yes, you heard that right. The International is well known for having the highest prize pool in all esports.

Such an achievement is accomplished thanks to the Compendium, a Battle Pass introduced in 2013 which, if bought, grants exciting new items, skins, and more bonuses as you level up your pass. 25% of the revenue made from Compendiums go directly to the prize pool, managing to reach record-breaking numbers each year.

Everything About Dota 2 Bets

If you’re a newcomer and don’t know much about how to bet on Dota 2, it might be difficult to navigate your way in the gambling universe.

But don’t worry: getting into Dota 2 betting is very easy (at least easier than playing the game itself). Being one of the most popular esports, all major bookmakers feature a wide variety of Dota markets, alongside betting bonuses and more. To help you, we reviewed some of the most popular Dota 2 betting sites.

  • Unikrn. This operator quickly became a leader in the industry of esports betting. Praised for its varied and innovative options, the bookmaker also counts with some interesting bonus offers, a wide range of traditional payment as well as cryptocurrency methods, secure transactions, and much else. Also, the Dota 2 betting odds are highly competitive. Unikrn has it all.
    Speaking of innovation, Unikrn offers an exciting variety of modes for esports bettors. The Dota 2 markets they offer are many, but perhaps you’d like to try something unique: Umode. Such mode allows you to bet on yourself: you choose a certain goal in Dota, and if you’re able to achieve it, you win the bet. Obviously, the easier the goal, the lower the odds, and vice versa.
    About bonus offers, the welcome one provides an attractive 300% matched deposit bonus up to a maximum amount of $450.
    We already mentioned how bettors on Unikrn have at their disposal a broad list of payment methods they can safely use. The only inconvenience is that they only accept betting with real money if you’re from the United Kingdom, Ireland, Australia, or New Zealand. If you live in any other country, you’ll have to use their own cryptocurrency, Unikoingold (UKG), or any other virtual currency.
  • If you’re looking for a reliable, safe, and convenient Dota 2 betting site, then is a great option. It’s a well-established bookmaker in the scene offering competitive odds and a variety of esports markets.
    If you are a newcomer and apply, has a special first-deposit bonus in store: if you deposit at least $10, they will match it by 100%. All the details are available on their website, which interface is clear and easy to navigate. The only negative aspect is the short amount of time you have to redeem such an offer.
    This betting site covers all the main ways you can credit your account. Either you prefer traditional payment options such as Visa or Mastercard or wish to use cryptocurrency; you will have no problems.
  • Luckbox. A specialist when it comes to MOBAs, this Dota 2 betting site proves to be a great choice either if you are a novice or a veteran punter. Why so?
    Well, they grant a decent welcome offer, a 100% deposit bonus up to $100 using the GLHF bonus code, as well as allowing betting amounts as low as $5.
    What makes Luckbox stand out is the wide range of Dota markets. They offer more than 20 different types of bets, from dealing first blood to killing Roshan, as well as the highest killing spree and much more, which players with a bit of expertise will find exciting.
    If we add secure payment methods and reliable Dota 2 betting odds, we get a bookmaker that, while maybe not in direct competition with the biggest ones, is certainly up there thanks to the solid experience it provides
  • Betway. You simply cannot go wrong with Betway. A traditional gambling platform is what you need if you want to feel safe when placing a bet on Dota2.
    Their website is easy to navigate, and you’ll quickly find the markets you want to bet on. Dota 2 betting odds are pretty competitive and frequently boosted on special matches. What’s particularly interesting about Betway is that they give you the opportunity to choose the fractional, decimal, or American format to calculate odds, depending on your personal preference.
    Other advantages include a great mobile app, to bet wherever and whenever, dedicated customer support, and availability of all of the most used payment methods.
    If you decide to sign up as their welcome bonus, the value of your first deposit will be matched with free bets up to $30.
  • Despite being a relatively new esports betting operator, this website is earning a very good reputation in the scene. It is advantageous in different regards, especially if we consider their impressive Dota 2 betting odds and extremely varied choice of esports markets.
    Let’s talk first about their welcome bonus, which should definitely catch your attention. Enter the code GET100 and make a deposit of at least $10, and the website will match such deposit by 100% up to $100. is able to compete against bigger operators, managing to easily keep up with them. Also, as we mentioned before, one of its main positive aspects is that, contrary to what you would expect from a standard bookmaker, apart from covering all major esports, it also offers a wide range of markets.
    Want to pay using Bitcoin? Worry not, as supports, alongside traditional forms of payments, cryptocurrency as well.
    In short, if you’re looking for a good Dota 2 betting site to start, you should consider this bookie as a good candidate.

How To Choose Among Dota 2 Bookmakers?

Of course, that is up to you. In the list above, we explained something about the best Dota 2 betting sites to give you an idea, but you are the one who’ll eventually decide. However, there are a few factors to keep into consideration before placing your bets. Here are some of them.

  • Odds. The core part of gambling, make sure to compare odds among different sites so that you get the best odds possible.
  • Bonuses and promotions. Almost all bookies offer some kind of promotion, commonly welcome bonuses. However, a good Dota 2 betting site should give their customers more. Check some of them out to understand what they could provide you with.
  • Coverage. We mentioned how the DPC consists of many big and smaller tournaments. Investigate which tournaments a Dota 2 betting site covers before registering so you know exactly what to expect.
  • Live streaming. Although you can easily find pro matches on Twitch or other streaming platforms, as well as having the possibility to watch them unfold directly in-game, an operator offering a streaming service is always a plus and very convenient when it comes to Dota 2 betting.
  • Range of markets. Being a highly popular game, Dota 2 betting sites are sure to offer a wide variety of markets. When choosing one, always check the possibilities they offer, so that you are not forced to the only bet on winners but also on something more exciting.

Not Just Money Gambling: Cosmetics

Sure, betting is traditionally done when there is money on the line, but esports, and in this case, Dota 2 in particular, generated many revolutions in the betting universe. A thing we need to talk about when writing about Dota 2 betting is cosmetics gambling.

Everything works as usual, but instead of wagering money, you do so with in-game items, trading and betting them. These items serve a pure cosmetical function and have no real impact on the game itself -apart from making you look cooler, of course. However, they do have real monetary value and can be sold using the Steam client.

Dota2lounge and VPesports are a couple of Dota 2 betting sites that offer such an option; however, we advise you to investigate carefully before betting cosmetics as it is an option sometimes not always completely safe.

dota 2 path of guardians


We’ve come to the end of our Dota 2 betting guide. If you’re excited about starting your betting journey, this game is surely a place, to begin with!

An iconic, incredibly popular title, with a record-breaking competitive scene, one of the largest in esports, and a constant amount of dedicated players, the game has been around for a lot and captured the hearts of many fans. Esports bookmakers didn’t miss the opportunity, and it’s now easier than ever to register on a good Dota 2 betting site and start gambling. What are you waiting for?

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